Retro USB Drives Breathe Life Back Into The 8-Bit Past

Feeling a little nostalgic lately? Daydreaming about the carefree days of running like the wind and playing 8-bit video games with your nerdy friends? Get your head out of the clouds and smell the coffee with a piece of the past.

Andrei Lacatusu is a Romanian artist who’s getting retro with USB drives to serve up some data storage with flair from the past. These storage devices come in a number of shapes and sizes and give a blast from the past while you spend countless hours on your computer.

Whether you spent your days on that old box-shaped television playing Super Mario Brothers, enjoyed the old-school controllers, or simply remember the days of making mixed tapes for your buddies, Lacatusu is combining practicality with some eye-popping design.


Source – Hypebeast via BeHance

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