Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier Enhances Video Old-Fashioned Style

From Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix to sordid porn the likes of which you can’t enjoy without first quadruple-checking that it remains legal where you live, on-demand video and smartphones go together like chocolate and peanut butter. These two great tastes just taste great together.

Unfortunately, intently watching the latest episode of “The Flash” or cats jumping into orbit in fear of stealthy cucumbers goes together with strained eyes like the aforementioned shameful smut and genital chafing. It doesn’t take long to question whether the pleasure is worth the pain.

Well, this portable Smartphone Magnifier is the hypothetical lotion for your metaphorical naughty bits. Styled after an old-timey-times TV set, this cardboard box magnifies your screen to double its ordinary display size. You just need to slip your device inside, sit back, and savor your viewing pleasure anywhere you could do with an impromptu screening.

Suddenly, there’s no inopportune setting for “Netflix and chill” or “Pornhub and hide.” Enjoy.



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Bring a little bit of nostalgia to your modern device

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