Retro Nintendo Game Boy Alarm Clock Wakes You Up To The Super Mario Land Theme Song

Nintendo’s Game Boy is truly an icon of gaming history and pop culture. It changed the way that people could play games, allowing them to take it on the road, in the car, and more. Not surprisingly, a host of timeless games appeared on the Game Boy and have been played for generations in their remastered forms. Now, you can wake up with nostalgia every morning over the good old days with this perfect Game Boy replica… as an alarm clock.

The off-white body of the alarm clock is complimented by a four direction button pad, the classic A and B buttons, and a START and SELECT button. The Nintendo Game Boy logo is written directly below the clock screen as this is an officially licensed product. Large numbers on the clock screen let you know what time it is, what day it is, and when your alarm is set. When the dreaded hour comes and it’s time for the alarm to go off, you’ll find that there is nothing to fear. The cheerful sound of Super Mario Land will have you humming along even though it’s only 6 am.

For Nintendo fans or those who love the classic Game Boy, this alarm clock is a can’t miss item. It looks just like the real thing and is an almost perfect replica. Running on just a few AA batteries, there is no need for a charging cord all the time like the real Game Boy. Starting your day off with a cheerful 8-bit melody will make everything a whole lot happier.

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