Retro NES Controller Shoes You Can Plug Your Toes Right Into

We who have more than a bit of gamer in our blood see all the world just a bit…”differently”.

We amble to the fridge at Midnight for some cold pizza to nibble during @MIDNIGHT, and then next thing we know, we’ve lost three hours just staring at the door envisioning a man-sized Game Boy with buttons big as our feet.

We can’t grab a banana from the produce section without looking over our shoulder for an ill-tempered ape in a necktie or a rotund reptile with a pretty swank crown that might have seen it first.

We drive stolen cars past hookers and…um…we remember that the sealed case file prohibits us from describing what goes through our heads at that point any further.

Fortunately, this is one time we just have to smile and think, how sweet it is that clever Etsy seller Superbitkicks gets it. These old-school NES Controller Shoes honor Nintendo’s video game console that changed the courses of our childhoods forever, and does it in a style we’re proud to rock anywhere and everywhere.

Superbitkicks customized these super-comfortable canvas slip-on shoes with all the trademark styling of the iconic NES controller. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself tapping out the Konami code on your toes while relaxing on a lazy Sunday in these sweet kicks. So much fun to wear, we recommend buying four pair.

Why four? Well, that’s two pair for you, obviously. But any game is always best enjoyed with your favorite Player 2.

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