Retro Arcade Machine X Packs 300 NES & SEGA Games Inside This Cute Tiny Console

Between the already much-appreciated miniature Sega Genesis pre-loaded with a whopping 80 classic games and Nintendo drinking in salty, happy tears of retro gamers shed for the Mini NES and its own ready-to-play library of 30 legendary titles, it’s a watershed time for video game nostalgia. Everything old is new again, and newly re-packaged in conveniently downsized bodies.

Hey, as long as we’re resurrecting and miniaturizing our bygone formative years, why not round out our gaming dens with Retro Arcade Machine X, a no-ROMs-needed cutesy cabinet standing a diminutive six inches tall and weighing in with 300 fully functional iconic games of its own.

Each 2.5-inch display boasts a built-in rear speaker customizable to four sound levels and authentic 16-bit graphics in full color. No hookups. No assembly. No quarters. Once you pop in three AA batteries (not included, unfortunately), you’re ready to dial the clock back a few decades and savor the inviting electronic glow of Yesteryear.

The Retro Arcade Machine X includes a four-way joystick and illuminated A and B buttons adaptable to the incredible range of strategy, racing, puzzle, action, combat, and sports titles perfectly packed into a package considerably shorter than our…chili dogs.

Retro Arcade Machine X (1)Retro Arcade Machine X Gaming System with 300 Games

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Tiny arcade cabinet features 300 fun and easy built-in games

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