Retro Arcade Light Switch Plate Covers Push Our Buttons (In The Best Of Ways)

Imagine triumphing over life’s every obstacle using instantly responsive arcade cabinet controls.

TAP! Your taxes are filed and you can expect your instantly deposited refund to hit your bank account in about five minutes.

TAP-TAP! You found your TV’s remote control alongside a magic wand and a tutorial teaching the “Accio” charm for instant future retrieval.

TAP-TAP-TAP! The Star Wars prequel trilogy never happened, Dad finally came back after going out for “cigarettes” when we were seven years old and “Firefly” was renewed for six seasons and a movie.

QUARTER-CIRCLE + TAP! Somewhere, a buff Japanese man wearing a sleeveless gi just knocked Donald Trump on his ass with a blue projectile fireball.

Sadly, we just aren’t bad enough dudes to launch a Hadouken at the President. Oh, well. It appears we’ll have to settle for these delightfully retro Arcade Light Switch Plate Covers allowing us to flip any flat rocker-type switch in our gaming den as quickly and effortlessly as blasting an alien overlord with a laser or smashing Donkey Kong’s barrels to splinters.

We wouldn’t call that much of a “sacrifice,” to be honest. After all, these nifty little fixtures install easily without requiring us to tinker with any actual wiring. The attractive glossy finish both looks sharp and cleans up quickly as a hiccup. Best of all, every set of buttons is completely interchangeable with those accompanying any other plate and available in customizable color combinations to suit any room’s decor.

When it comes to nerdy nostalgic style, you’ve definitely got game.

8.5 Total Score
Lights Off! Game On!

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