Retro 3-In-1 Breakfast Station Makes Coffee, Bacon, Eggs & Toast At The Same Time

If you like having fun while cooking, or you just want to do ‘it’ all in one convenient spot, then cook in style with the 50s-Style 3-In-1 Breakfast Station. This complete retro breakfast station is ideal for any small kitchen, and it has everything one would need to host a meal for family or friends.

A coffee maker that can brew up to four cups, a large non-stick griddle to whip up eggs, anyway you like, and a mini-toaster that accommodates four slices of bread, that can also be used to bake potatoes, meats, or for a variety of other foods, such as frozen pizzas, or to make hot sandwiches.

The retro look has a natural appeal and comfortably melds with any style kitchen, and its safe to use because of a 30-minute timer that will automatic shut the power off when your food is done.

If you don’t enjoy cleaning a large oven or range after cooking, then this easy to clean, 3-1 retro breakfast station will fit nicely on your kitchen counter.

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