Reset Plug Power Cycler Always Keeps Your WiFi Equipment Connected Automatically

Staying connected to the internet is important for most folks, and a vital necessity for others that are dependent on it for commercial, financial and social activities, or for households that use devices that require WiFi, such as security cameras, smart TV, thermostats and smart lighting, to name a few.

This smart plug is simple to use, just plug it into your modem or WiFi router and it does the rest – keeps an active connection to the Internet by automatically cycling power to the various WiFi equipment to reset them if you get disconnected from the net. A very handy device, indeed.

If you are worried it will work with your equipment, don’t. Because it works with any WiFi router and any broadband modem, and it will keep all your internet devices and equipment connected, that’s what it does, and it does it good.

Reset Plug Power Cycler 2Reset Plug Power Cycler 3

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