Renogy Phoenix Solar Powered Portable Generator Briefcase Charges Everything For Complete Off The Grid Living

Do you want to live off the grid someday? Well, one day energy of the future will be free, and it is, now, on a smaller scale for anyone who needs it, using the Renogy all-in-on solar-powered generator that comes in a brief case, for easy carrying. It won’t power all your electrical items at home, but it will power everything you need while camping or in areas where there is no electricity.

It’s a start, a good start, towards a cost-effective solution to the growing demands of consumers who need mobile power that is easy to use. Plug-and-play ready, and an environmentally friendly way to generate electricity, you never have to leave home and be without power to charge your electronic devices again.

You can charge the battery with the solar collector, a standard home or office 120v outlet, or a 12v automobile lighter outlet, and then use it to power laptops, lamps, and any small appliance, it’s that easy.

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Power everything with limitless power

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