ReLeaf Leaf Scoops Large Hand Held Rakes Make Yard Work Easier While Frightening The Neighbors

If you enjoy working in the yard, rather than hiring a yard cleaning service, then you can appreciate the effort that goes into raking leafs. However, when all the raking is done, you are left with a pile of leafs to pick up. Its at that time, an extra pair of hands would come ‘handy’.

Well, that is exactly what ReLeaf Leaf Scoops hand rakes does, it gives you and extra pair of hands that are big enough to scoop up more leafs at a time than just using your own two small hands.

Basically, it makes your yard cleaning work much easier, and it’s safer than using your hands. The hand-held rakes actually protects you from sharp needles and thorny twigs that get raked up along with all the leafs. And, not to worry, these big hand rakes are one-size-fits-all, so anyone can use them.










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