ReFlex Flexible Smartphone Let’s You Feel The Apps

The future is here, today. How do we know? Because, technologies being developed and produced, now, were just fantasized about only a few short years ago, like flexible screens, which are now a reality. Thanks to Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab, now the world has the first high-resolution smartphone with multitouch and bend input technology.

It’s called the ReFlex, and it sports bend technology that allows smartphone users to ‘feel’ the apps they use. Users experience a new level of control with their smartphones through physical tactile feedback, by moving and bending the flexible screen to interact with apps such as games and ebook readers.

Page flipping is more natural as slight bending motions turn each page at a time, while more extreme bending motions flips pages continually. It definitely makes reading ebooks easier, and you can also feel the vibration of each page that turns.

Page bending aside, the smartphone’s high-definition LG Display touch screen is run with Android 4.4, and its highly realistic physical force simulator, that effortlessly interacts with virtual game objects, will be in the hand of the world soon, say it’s creators. For now, this smartphone is just a successful working prototype.ReFlex Flexible Smartphone 1ReFlex Flexible Smartphone 2


Source – Queensu

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