Recycled Wine Barrel Kegerators Bring Home A Taste Of Medieval Might, Magic & Choice Ales

Beer should never have to be associated with anything that lets us down. Nevertheless, this ingenious Recycled Wine Barrel Kegerator addresses one of the few times our favorite ale establishments routinely let us down: their heartbreaking dissimilarity to the Medieval taverns of yore.

Before stumbling across these fine improvised housings that chill our most beloved brews in the inviting comfort of our very own homes, we searched hither and yon for a classically dingy waystation where the grog pours forth directly from the great oaken barrels of their birth. In our most thrilling, inebriated dreams, a busty wench with a salty tongue and moxie to spare would serve us pint upon pint as we pumped a cagily evasive orc for the information we sought to guide us on our quest. Perhaps a frustrated Duane from Accounting could at last plunge his dagger into our table in ill-tempered rage without our party’s good names being forevermore bound to the spell that forbids our entry to this very day to Ye Olde Buffalo Wild Wings inns scattered across the land.

In that innkeeper’s defense, Duane, the price of nachos has historically not been subject to discretionary haggling and confusing archaic threats by shitfaced LARPers.

Each authentically retired wine barrel’s hinged door swings open to house a ¼ slim keg or 1/16 microbrewery keg chilled all the livelong day by filling the included basin with ice. Once you fill the empty CO2 tank and properly install the top tap, drip catch and array of gauges and hoses, you need only load the Recycled Wine Barrel Kegerator onto its easy-gliding lockable castor wheels to bring a festive atmosphere with you wherever you may roam.

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