Realistic Cat Bags Crafted By Japanese Housewife Is The Cats Meow

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as godlike creatures, mystical and inscrutable.

In present-day America, they fuel our Internet by playing piano and speaking jibberish about cheeseburgers.

In Japan, people open their backs and stuff things inside them. We fear Japan.

Fortunately, and presumably in no small part to avoid horrifying the “gaijin”, a Japanese housewife by the name of Pico so loves cats and wishes NOT to see them mutilated so people have places to stash their keys, that she has created a wildly popular line of Cat Bags.

These lovingly handcrafted and hypnotically detailed handbags are available only one way, and that’s through Yahoo Auctions Japan for upward of USD$700. Chalk that bonkers price tag up to the bags being exceptionally difficult to assemble and airbrush individually up to the quality and eerily realistic color that their fans prize.

If you’ve already concluded there’s just no living a full life without sticking your wallet in an impressively real-looking plush tabby where a living cat’s spine or kidney would normally be, you can follow @picopocoo8 on Twitter for updates on when the next bag will come up for bids.

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