Real Movie Breakaway Props To Trick Your Friends And Be A Stunt Person

Is your machismo malnourished? Feeling the crushing sting of defeat from the universe? If you’ve given up on boosting your masculinity, think again.

NewRuleFX creates awesome and authentic props for wannabe movie film directors and geeks alike. With their SMASHProps 12 Piece sample pack you’ll get a variety of easy-to-break glasses to showcase just how strong you are. Who needs muscles when you’ve got some major props?

This set of props contains a variety of amber, green, blue, and clear breakaway bottles made from a secret formula of non-toxic and safe materials. Keep these babies stashed at room temperature until you’re ready to create your ode to the zombie apocalypse. Don’t add insult to injury. Make a smart choice for your needs, whether you’re an attention whore or just looking to make those millions.

Breakaway Props


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