Real-Life Staged First Person Shooter Gives Chatroullette Guests Voice Gaming Control

This awesome recreation of a First Person Shooter brings your favorite Game genre  into Real Life on Chatroullette whiile guests give voice command to the player.

If you love to hate zombies and you like first person shooters, then you are not alone, but have you ever thought of what it would be like if there was a ‘real’ first person shooter game you could play… with real people? Well, it is a question some have tinkered with and then… they made one!

That’s right; there is now a first person shooter game in real life. Some fun-loving folks who are passionate about gaming, particularly first person zombie shooter games got together a cast of characters to follow the voice commands of online players. What happens next is epic fun.

You can watch this first of its kind, real-life, first person shooter game and see for yourself what it is like to command a real player to shoot, club and stab a real zombie.

Note: No zombies were hurt in the filming and playing of this real-life first person shooter.

Source – Geekologie

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