RC Zamboni Cooler Brings You Drinks So You Don’t Have To Get Up

You know what it feels like when you are in a comfortable place, sitting and relaxing on the beach or poolside, and you just don’t want to get up and get another beer or cold drink out of the cooler, that is usually well out of reach. Well, now you don’t have too because the next time you get thirsty, you can have the cooler come to you!

The RC Zamboni Cooler is a one-of-a-kind, innovative marvel that revolutionizes beverage cooling, and solves the party logistical problem of having to get up from a lounge chair to seek-out a fresh cold-one. Even if you are not a hockey fan or dedicated figure skating spectator, this RC cooler will still serve you well.

Powered by an electric motor, this mobile cooler can transport up to 30 12-oz. frosty cans to your party fans, even if its dark outside using LEDs to light the way, making it also easy for your guests to find the drinks. Not only that, it even has a 10-watt Bluetooth built-in speaker that plays hockey period intermission music to set the mood.

Easily controlled with a remote, it has a range of 100’, sports two cup holders, a USB plug, a MP3 input, and has a max speed of 5mph. Basically, this RC cooler can keep a party running for up to 4 hours

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LED lights on the front illuminate a path to refreshment

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