RC Volkswagen Camper Van Makes Love, Not War On A Smaller Scale

Some people may be obsessed with the newest hybrid and electric cars out there, but others say if it aint broke then don’t fix it. People buy classic cars for a number of reasons. Maybe for nostalgia, maybe to rebel against convention, but the reality of the market is that people still look for classic diamonds in the rough.

One of the most popular classics is the Volkswagen Camper. Not only are these beauties an icon of tradition but you can also go on road trips and sleep in them to reduce traveling costs. Due to their popularity, these vehicles can be just as expensive as new cars on the road.

You’re no daddy Warbucks, but you can still have an icon of your classic style with an RC VW Campervan. This Volkswagen Van is clad with customizable stickers and AA powered, this toy will stand out from all the typical RC cars out there. Others may not get it, but not everyone can drive around in hippie swagger, can they?

Smoke up a phatty and bathe in petrulli oil because now you can drive that hippie van like you always wanted

Volkswagen Van RC Vehicle (2)Volkswagen Van Radio Control Vehicle (3)Volkswagen Van RC Vehicle (1)Volkswagen Van RC Vehicle (3)Volkswagen Van Radio Control Vehicle (1)

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