RC Truck Tracking Drone Takes Your Imagination To Impossible Missions

We haven’t yet stumbled across a common set of circumstances that would necessitate the unique skill set exhibited by Hammacher Schlemmer’s RC Truck Tracking Drone. That only fuels our determination to concoct an ever-evolving situation that absolutely calls for consistent radio-controlled vehicle reconnaissance.

A single shared 2.4GHz radio remote commands both the 10-by-4.25-by-5-inch truck and its nifty drone companion from as far as 65 feet away. Whether the drone hovers steadily or performs a dazzling 360-degree flip, the truck can move independently in any forward or backward direction. While the truck maneuvers into a prime forward observation posting, cagey pilots can deploy the drone to protect ground forces with autonomous air cover or take off on a surveillance mission as the truck stands undetected.

Between sorties, your drone can also return to the truck bed to relaunch from a new position after a quick recharge. A single 40-minute rejuvenation allows your airborne sentry to remain aloft up to an additional five extra minutes. Speaking of, the recon-ready RC Truck Tracking Drone’s remote requires a whopping nine AAA batteries to continue harassing your enemies. You had best decide right now just how badly you need a closer look through your sexy neighbor’s bathroom window.

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