RC Tarantula Prank Brings Your Spider Sense to Life

Halloween or not, it’s always fun to give those sneaky friends and family a little scare now and then. Leave those tired masks, mouse trap bubble gum packets, and hiding-in-the-closet antics behind and get original with your attempts.You may have hung one of those giant fuzzy spiders in a kitchen or bathroom at some point in time, but those won’t really scare those not faint at heart. Uncle Milton’s got you covered with this remote-controlled tarantula for a scare that’s both realistic and terrifying. This battery-powered spider uses AA and AAA batteries and has light-up eyes to lurk in the shadows with.

These creepy crawler also has a realistic amount of fur with independent leg movement to simulate how a real tarantula moves. Forget those cheap tricks and get an authentic scare that would make even Elvira proud.
RC Tarantula 1

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