RC Flying Car Races Until It Takes Off Like A Drone

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… the RC Flying Car? RC cars, planes and helicopters are great fun for people of all ages, and the only thing more ‘fun’ is the RC Flying Car. You can drive it like a car, and when you hit an obstacle, no problem, because you can take-flight and fly over anything in your way.

When on the ground, the RC flying car ‘rolls’ on foam tire wheels, and when flying it has 4 rotary blades mounted above its four wheels, just like a flying drone. And, you can select two speeds while either driving, or flying.

If you like RC cars and RC helicopters, then you are going to love driving and flying this sporty looking RC Flying Car. It drives and fly’s like any remote-controlled car or plane, but better!


RC Flying Car (3)RC Flying Car (6)RC Flying Car (4)RC Flying Car (2)RC Flying Car (1)

RC Flying Car
RC Flying Car
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