RC ATV Car Metal Detector Is The Only Treasure Hunting Beach Toy You”ll Need

There is no more rewarding found treasure than one you never have to dirty your hands to find.

Of that effortlessly found kind, the most wonderful riches unearthed among them are those you discover with the help of your very own mechanical minion. Whether you’re thirsting for wayward quarters or adventuring in search of the Lost City of Shebalba, RC Treasure Hunting Buddy is your loyal loot-sniffing mini-truck for any occasion. As you guide it with a user-friendly remote through any and all terrain where treasure might sleep, just keep an eye on its LEDs. When its built-in metal detector picks up on something, they’ll flash while an alert sounds suggesting you put down that optimistic new-model-year BMW catalog and get to digging.

The RC Treasure Hunting Buddy comes with Hammacher Schlemmer’s signature Lifetime Guarantee at no extra charge. Powered four AAA batteries for the remote and a 9-volt for the buggy, it can cover up to a 30′ range of varied terrain thanks to durable high-traction tires and comes with two plastic digging tools and a set of four practice doubloons to bury and rediscover while testing your little buddy’s mettle.

RC Metal Detector ATV Car (1)RC Metal Detector ATV Car (3)RC Metal Detector ATV Car (4)


R/C ATV Car Metal Detector
R/C ATV Car Metal Detector
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Finding Treasure Just Got More Fun!

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