Razer’s Project Ariana Video Projector Surrounds You With Dynamic 360-Degree Killer Gaming

Between the CES 2017 debut of the Project Valerie triple-screen laptop at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and the revolutionary Project Ariana Video Projector, you would surely forgive us if our loyalty to the Almighty PC Master Race inspires us to drool lakes at our feet when we envision a gaming setup of bleeding-edge tech with names ripped from our Pornhub searches.

Ariana marks an expansion from Razer Chroma’s lighting and video effects generated by real-time communication with the game itself into a whole new realm of visual immersion: projecting your game’s display throughout an entire room using an ultra-wide fisheye lens and bleeding-edge processing. An intelligent pair of 3D cameras and custom calibration software will scan your surroundings and dynamically tailor the projection to the room’s dimensions, including adjustments for your monitor position and such environmental factors as lighting and furniture. The result is an uncanny virtual environment that draws the player further into any game than previous generations could have thought possible, short of actual virtual reality.

The actual visual atmosphere itself takes everything that made Chroma such a groundbreaking development in the first place to a brand-new frontier. Peripherals, smart lighting, and more bold aesthetic elements mesh seamlessly through Ariana’s stunning video projection for a singularly bold style of play that embeds players in the action from floor to ceiling. We will soon say to our favorite games, with all sincere appreciation, “We are inside you.”

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