Ray Super Remote Is The One Touchscreen Remote To Rule Them All

The end has come; for households that have multiple remote controls. There have been claims of ‘universal’ remotes in the past, and these were supposed to work, but only certain brands, thus not living up the title of ‘universal’. But, now, there really is a ‘universal’ remote, one to control them all.

It’s called Ray Super Remote, and it can literally translate your current remote signal
into its memory, and then use that new captured frequency to communicate to the component you want to control. It’s that easy, and it works with every remote frequency that is design for the general public, doesn’t work with military equipment.

Basically, once it scans your old controllers signal, you don’t need it anymore, and when you have all the remotes in your home scanned on Ray, then all you have to do is touch the screen and choose the entertainment device you want to control, such as your TV, DVD/BluRay, audio receiver, media player, your Xbox and many others.



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