Raw Food Cubes Takes OCD Perfectionist to a Whole New Definition

Is it your way or the highway? Do you spend minutes on presentation on your meals every day? Well get ready, because your OCD perfectionist ways are about to be trumped.

Lernert and Sander, Dutch artists, have cut your favorite foods into 98 geometrically perfect cubes to get your taste buds craving these perfect tasty foods. Just don’t eat the raw meat ones! These artists began working together on their first film to showcase the different ways to melt your favorite Easter chocolate bunny. Clearly the universe works in odd ways.

Can you guess what they all are? Well luckily you don’t have to. One of their editors has named each individual cube. Honestly though, could you really just eat one cube or would an artist feel more like a janitor after you were through with this smorgasbord?

Square food Cubes Square food Cubes Square food Cubes Square food Cubes

One Redditor ChanguitaPie was kind enough to name them all

Food Cubes Named
Source – LernertAndSander
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