Ravioli Rolling Pin Makes Delicious Ravioli Almost Instantly

The Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin from Repast Supply Co. just might change your benchmark for superlative filled pasta forever.

Every rolling pin is handmade from exceptional maple and walnut hardwoods right here in the United States and arrives pre-treated with food-grade mineral oil. Feel free to ask, what difference does that make? Well, Repast Supply Co. displays an astounding commitment to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices by planting 100 trees for every individual tree harvested for their production needs. Measuring 2.25 inches by 2.25 inches by 0.75 inches, the Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin surrounds each pocket with a 0.375-inch-wide sealed border that ensures every sumptuous, plump ravioli reams tightly closed while cooking. Whether you imbue your delicious handmade pasta with meat or ricotta filling, this outstanding design and craftsmanship ensure you enjoy hand-prepared stuffed pasta worthy of an authentic Italian table.

Did we mention the Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin is also absurdly easy to use? First, liberally flour a fresh, thin sheet of pasta dough with semolina flour. Lay it flat atop a clean surface and spread your filling of choice in about a quarter-inch-thick layer over about three-fourths of the sheet. Lay another equally sized layer of pasta on top and line up the edges of each sheet carefully before pressing out any air pockets and dusting the second surface with more semolina flour. Finally, roll the pin once across smoothly with firm downward force and run a fluted pasta cutter between the stamped and sealed pockets.

That being said, we offer a bit of advice.

First off, freshen up the Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin’s expertly treated wood by applying a new coat of mineral oil using a soft cloth or disused toothbrush every two or three uses. Do not submerge this or any other Repast Supply Co. product in water or rinse them under running water, and never, ever clean them in a dishwasher.

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Italian Food Has Never Been This Easy To Make From Scratch

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