Ravean Heated Down Jacket May Be The Warmest Clothing You’ll Wear This Winter

Let’s put aside for just a moment that Ravean Heated Tech’s lightweight all-season jackets just plain look great, easily on par with anything even North Face or Eddie Bauer could offer at a fair bit greater cost. More importantly, this is superbly warm outerwear that can keep an entire body the same toasty adjustable temp as the weather changes or employ heated area control to selectively warm one especially cold part or another as needed.

Ravean’s ultra-lightweight jackets may be some of the most versatile electrically heated layers on the market today, with the capacity to maintain comfort in temperatures tested to a range between -4F and 55F. Their durability also holds up to repeated machine-washes with DWR water-resistance and a 5-year guaranteed warranty safeguarding every jacket’s heating elements.

Choose from four styles in both Men’s and Women’s sizes – 12V heated down jackets (with and without hoods) or 5V heated hoodies and down vests – in either black or blue. Every jacket, vest or hoodie’s lithium polymer battery is good to charge any phone up to six times. That’s not all, though: 12V styles include a complementary set of matching heated gloves that connect battery-free to the coat’s heating element. As an additionally attractive feature, all gloves are designed with touch-screen fingertips for easy device usage while keeping your hands suitably warm and dry.

If you’d like to get in on the incredible incentives of Ravean’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign, there’s no better time: 2,906 backers have already propelled the outerwear outfitters five times past the initial $100,000 fundraising benchmark to the tune of $553,115 raised with 25 days to go as of Nov. 4.



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Heated Jackets


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