Ravanello Transforms Red Radishes Into Super Mario Bros. Power-Up Mushrooms

There’s little guessing how or why, but the inventors of the Ravanello might have just concocted the best weapon yet in the battle to make kids eat radishes by the metric ton.

To be honest, we can admit to just a bit of jealousy. If someone had invested the effort to invent something that turned foods we hated into our favorite video game power-ups the way the Ravanello transforms red radishes into bite-sized red “Super Mario Bros.” mushrooms in seconds, we might have an affinity as adults for foods more exotic than Capt. Crunch, Lunchables, and Dunkaroos.

We definitely are not immune to colorful persuasion. After all, we are thoroughly conditioned as lifelong “Resident Evil” fans to never turn down green herbs and strangely colored pills. This weirdly handy tool could easily convince us to shave the bottom of a radish down to a mushroom-like stem, carve semi-circles into the top with the Ravanello’s gouging tool to make the vegetable resemble the Mushroom Kingdom’s signature toadstools, scarf these otherwise fairly unpleasant veggies by the fistful, and go around punching every brick surface we see in hopes some random wall will explode with coins.

OK, if we’re being completely honest, that possibility has almost nothing to do with what gaming has taught us about magical fungi or this thing having any actual redeeming value. It’s just something we could easily see ourselves doing because we got bored and it sounded like a good idea at the time. Running around sewers kicking and stomping turtles? That’s a Tuesday night after bowling for us.

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