Range Rover Evoque Brings Convertible Comfort To A Durable SUV

Ever since supersized SUVs and decked-out stretch cab 4X4s became as much suburban status symbols as automotive beasts of burden, every model year has seemed to trot out a more elaborately loaded edition of every quintessential heavy-hauling vehicle ever to grace dirt roads, construction sites and mud pits across America.

Thus, it was bound to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Range Rover Evoque, the world’s first convertible crossover SUV.

To be clear, this is indeed a handsome devil. It’s the Hugh Jackman of high-end SUVs, all striking lines and defined, powerful shoulders. The tapered roof is a sexy and functional touch that complements the convertible roof system’s smooth touch-of-a-button operation at up to 29 miles per hour.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Range Rover if it wasn’t truly rough-and-tumble ready for the toughest stuff you could throw at it. While styled for contemporary city comfort, the optional adaptive full LED headlamps provide a handy enhanced illumination while still coupling fittingly with the Evoque’s overall design.

The dynamic Active Driveline function can be activated at any time to transition smoothly between two-wheel and four-wheel drive as the key driving parameters and Terrain Response System dictate, creating imperceptibly seamless

adaptations from urban highways to craggy mountain roads. The Evoque is also stunningly nimble: 83 inches wide, 63 inches tall and maxing out at 172 inches long, its maneuverable 37-foot turning circle from curb to curb and 2.31 turns lock-to-lock let it wiggle out many a tight squeeze. Best of all, it manages not to sacrifice responsive driving and fuel economy while delivering 250 lbs.-ft. of torque to remind you it’s ever the work horse as much as it is a show pony.

On the inside, 38 inches of rear headroom ensures spacious comfort for passengers, whether the top is up or down. The Land Rover InControl Touch Pro infotainment system’s 10.2-inch touchscreen delivers one hell of a passenger entertainment experience by way of an intuitive, customizable and easily accessible home screen loaded with a variety of features.

Source – Landrover

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