Rainy Windshield Paintings Transports You Into A Relaxing Rainy Day

When you first hear about Rainy Windshield Paintings on Canvas, you think to yourself “What is that?” It is an amazing new style of painting that is able to move people’s mood in a solemn way. Just as if you were riding in a car on a cold rainy day it feels like you are looking out of the front windshield. It’s amazing.

Is it unique? Yes, absolutely. Is it weird? Absolutely not! It is profoundly artistic, some with a taste of appreciation art would definitely say. One thing is sure about this new style of painting rainy windshields is that the artwork inspires or evokes a solemn feeling deep within the viewer. And, it almost casts a thinking spell on you that only traveling in the rain could give. It is much appreciated to see the world through the eyes of artists, and in this case, through the rainy windshield view of a moving car.

Rainy Windshield Paintings on Canvas are unique, down to the individual raindrops on the canvas, which have been masterfully turned into a windshield. Ultimately, the true art of this type of oil painting is to find the seamless balance between feeling as if the viewer is traveling in a car on a rainy day, and seeing the world through that perspective.

Source – BoredPanada via Facebook

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