Rainbow Doritos is Real With Bag Makeover Supporting LGBT Community

There are some things that inspire people in unexpected ways, one of them is food. Snack foods can have an amazing effect on people of all ages, snack food like… ‘Doritos’ potato chips. Ahhh, the lure of those delicious chips… just say the word ‘Doritos’ around your friends and listen to the response.

Thankfully, Doritos comes in many delicious flavors to satisfy every palate and personal preference. Recently, the company released a colorful new flavor of Doritos that has received a lot of attention internationally.

‘It Gets Better Project’ – a special organization that was established to help LGBT young people, and the well-know chip brand Doritos, has produced a limited edition rainbow-colored bag to raise public awareness, to raise money, and to raise the hopes for those of the LGBT community.

If you want to get one of these limited-edition colorful bag of chips, then you need to send in a $10 donation and you will get your historic bag of Doritos mailed to your house. More information can be found with the hashtag, #boldandbetter.

Rainbow Doritos 3Rainbow Doritos 1


Source – FoodBeast via itGetsBetter

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