Radio Flyer Tesla Model S Mini-Electric Car For Kids Is Eco-riffic

There are some cool toys, and then there are ‘really’ cool toys; a toy that borders between the definition of a toy and a useful necessity, like cars. In the past, toy cars have maintained a top position on kids’ wish lists, but toy cars today are not the same pedal cars your grandpa used to roll around in.

No, they are now powered by electric motors, which is why it is no surprise that the latest electric toy car is modeled after the Tesla Model S – a true example of an efficient electric car.

This little Radio Flyer is truly a mini-Tesla car that any kid would long to have, especially if their parents own a Tesla Model S car. The good thing about the trend towards electric cars and toys is obvious, it develops a familiarity and an understanding for children about electrical vehicles.

This little mini-me Tesla car is a clone of the larger luxury Tesla model, but made just for children. It can reach a speed of 6 mph, but that can be adjusted lower by parents to make it safer for very small children.

With that said, if you are a parent who owns a Tesla car, and you want your kids to grow up ‘green-minded’, then seriously think about how awesome this electric car would be as a gift.

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