R2D2 Bubble Generator Brings Whimsy & Balance To The Force

Is the Boredom strong with your younglings ages 8 and up? If so, then there’s only one spunky little droid guaranteed to lighten the mood: the one, the only, the beepity-beeping R2-D2 Bubble Generator.

We’ve often wondered not so much whether there was anything this sassy bucket of bolts couldn’t do, but any crap-job the Rebel Alliance wouldn’t give him. Hop in the back of an X-wing and get shot at from all sides? Hey, Artoo! You busy? Go swimming around in muck and filth so Master Anakin’s farmboy whiny-butt son can pal around with Mutated Speech-Impediment Grover to learn magic tricks? Hey, Artoo! How soon can you pack?

Puff a cancer stick to teach a bunch of Ewok-loving brats that smoking is bad? Yep, that happened.

Now, here he is in all his faithfully recreated details to fill the air with bubbling whimsy – hey, why not? He once schlepped drinks around Jabba’s barge while everyone else farted around. Not like this is a step down from waiter or Bento Box or Coffee Mug.

With a dome that oscillates on a 90° swivel this way and that to shoot bubbles everywhere either continuously or intermittenly faster and more erratically than your average stormtrooper, there could be no droid better suited to go about this job with his signature snthesized boop-beep chatter spreading the Gleeful Side of the Force to one and all. If we had a Jedi or some other astromech around to translate, we’re pretty sure Artoo would say, “Did you know I always wanted to be a dancer in Vegas? Or maybe a Dalek?”

Comes with an 8 oz. bottle of bubble solution.

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