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R2-D2 Screwdriver Set Gives You The Tools To Defeat The Empire

Search your hearts, STAR WARS fans. You know it to be true. Our homey R2-D2 is an O.T. – Original Multitool.

There isn’t a single task, tactile or technical, that this gifted little astromech can’t hack. Halting a trash compactor, holographically recording and transmitting vital intelligence communications, assisting two generations of Skywalkers in high-speed, intense aerial firefights – face it, he’s even a bit of a love machine.



Well, when ThinkGeek straight up asked the Rebel Alliance’s handiest friend, “Think you would mind offering your body as a screwdriver base?” he obviously answered, “BEEP-BIP BEEP WOOOOO!”

Pretty sure that’s “ANYTHING FOR YOU, MEAT-BAGS!”

So, there you have it: a ThinkGeek original-and-exclusive STAR WARS R2-D2 Screwdriver Set complete with three forged steel bits for every occasion – one slotted and 2 Phillips. Take pride knowing you have a droid that can screw all the livelong day and come back the next for more.

r2d2_screwdriver (1)r2d2_screwdriver (2)


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