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R2-D2 Luminary Lights The Path Of The Jedi Straight To Your Door

R2-D2 just might already be the second-greatest Deus Ex Machina in the entire STAR WARS saga. Come on. Nothing is more OP or “Because, Shut Up” than the Force itself.

That fact should give you a perfect idea just how multi-talented this gifted astromech was even before being cloned four times, retrofitted with light bulbs, and strung along six feet of electrical cable for these STAR WARS Luminary sets, which have hit ThinkGeek just in time for the holiday-season premiere of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS on Dec. 18 in theaters everywhere.

From Bento Boxes to mugs, Artoo is putting in overtime to reign as the galaxy’s supreme droid with the fascinating BB-8 now nipping at his heels. It evidently no longer cuts to serve as Luke Skywalker’s roving roving lightsaber sheath, a hologram projector, an instantly effective hacking tool, C-3PO’s better half, AND a cocktail server.

Nope, this season, Artoo is ready, willing and able to stand in the cold with his duplicates to light the way to your front door. Each set’s cord measures six feet for the detailed plastic luminaries themselves plus an additional three unlit feet to run to a nearby outlet. The luminaries each stand independently with either their plastic supports for indoor decoration or 10 yard stakes for use outside.


Star Wars R2D2 Luminary Outdoor Decor
Star Wars R2D2 Luminary Outdoor Decor
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$34.99 Buy Here
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