R2-D2 Humidifier Dispenses Dagobah Swamp-Like Soothing Mist

Lovers of sci-fi space movies know that when there are spaceship scenes showing interior areas of a ship, where pipes are exposed, there needs to be some kind of smoke/steam spewing out from time to time, to make it realistic looking. Hammacher Schlemmer – the creator of the tabletop R2-D2 Humidifier unit knows this to be true.

Dagobah Swamp

If you are looking for droids, and you love all things Star Wars, then this little R2 unit is definitely the one you’re looking for to set the stage of sci-fi realism in your home.

This little R2 unit spews out steam from the top of his head, creating an ambiance that makes it look as if your room is part of a star-ship. The best part, besides that R2-D2 looks realistic, is that this little droid has a ½ gallon water tank and will humidify a room up to 12 hours. And, it has 10 moisture settings along with an auto-off function.  The Artoo unit also has a built-in nightlight to ensure a room does not slip over to the Dark Side. Everything you would expect from a resourceful little droid as R2-D2.


R2-D2 Humidifier Swamps Dagobah

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