R2-D2 Fridge Keeps Contents Warm Or Cold. Not For Storing Empire Blueprints.

Have you had a ‘hard’ day, working for the evil empire that is run by Sith Lords? Well, you’re not alone, you’re probably looking for something cold to drink, just like everyone else laboring under the blazing hot sun of Tatooine.

It might be hot on Tatooine, but Earth can be no picnic either, as it gets hot here too. Thankfully, there is now a little R2-D2 14 Liter Fridge to help you get through those hot days working for the CEO lords on this planet.

This little fridge has plenty of space to store hot or cold food and beverages. It’s powered by standard 110V, and 12V DC, and it has a locking hatch/door, to keep all the little Jawas in the house from raiding the contents of this little R2 unit.

At only 24 inches in height, it is a perfect small refrigerator for any room in the house, even the garage.

r2-d2-14-liter-fridge-1 r2-d2-14-liter-fridge-2 r2-d2-14-liter-fridge-3

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One of the best R2 units still in stock

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