R2-D2 Cupcake Holder Sings Happy Birthday To You

This Makes Up For Flaky Friends On Your Special Day
You may not be a social butterfly. Hell, you may not have many friends at all, but who’s gonna sing you happy birthday on your special day? Who needs human when you can have your favorite robot buddy keep you company?

Hallmark and Star Wars have joined in an unholy alliance to bring you a mechanical yet cute way to celebrate the most important day of the year. This R2-D2 Cupcake Holder does the obvious while also singing you Happy Birthday. Now how often can you say that a robot has sang you happy birthday? Simply pop off the top to hear everyone’s favorite robot from Star Wars sing a special tribute to you.

He may not keep you warm at night, but R2-D2 will turn that frown upside down regardless of your friends’ sudden flakiness.

R2-D2™ Birthday Cupcake Container


Source – ThatsNerdalicious

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