R2-D2 BBQ Apron Lets You Relish Today, So You Can Ketchup to Vader’s Demand Tomorrow

In an alternate rendition of the events of Star Wars, Darth Vader won the struggle against the Rebel Alliance. Poor universe. To make matters worse, he’s employed C-3PO and R2-D2 as his slaves. C-3PO ended up as a Gigolo for the sex-deprived space cadets, while R2-D2 was made master chef and to this day makes Darth Vader’s favorite Bratwursts. Who knew the lord of darkness loved wieners so much?

You don’t have to appreciate the male anatomy to enjoy the R2-D2 BBQ Apron. If you’re simple a novice or a slicing dicing grilling machine you can enjoy the extra circuitry in this Apron. Just don’t let Darth Vader have too many drinks while he waits. You may start to look a little too attractive for him to pass up, and nobody wants to get on THAT dark side.  This would be a perfect combination to add the Darth Vader BBQ Apron in cook in unison.


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