R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp Brings The Light Side Of The Force To Your Desk

The creators of all the vehicles and robots seen in Star Wars no doubt had a passion for designing technical space-aged ‘stuff’, and to do that they used architectural desks which were eventually encased in drawing of droids and robots, like C3-PO and R2-D2.

Well, now, you can capture that same passionate spirit and love of all things Star Wars when you order this little R2-D2 desk lamp. Next time you are working on drawings, architectural plans, research, homework or just balancing your books, let this little R2 unit provide ample light for you to work.

Like any quality lamp, you can depend on R2-D2 to provide 40 Watts of light from an incandescent type A bulb, or a compact fluorescent bulb of 13 Watts max. If you want an adventurous companion on in your quest, to produce the best results on your next work assignment, then this little R2 unit is the droid for you.

R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp 3R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp 2R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp 1

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The little droid with the power to shed some light on your stuff

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