Quitbit Smart Lighter Is An App-Powered Accountability Tool To Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker desperate to kick the habit, who better to call you on taking your puffing down a peg than your lighter?

Thanks to the Quitbit Smart Lighter, you won’t need to scarf more mushrooms than Mario to take a little tough love from your Bic. With a little help from an Android or iOS app, this handsome and handy flameless lighter’s heating coil will light you up when called upon, but at the cost of reminding you just how many times you’ve backslid from giving up your jones.

More than just providing a damn convenient means of tracking your lighter down if misplaced, the app pairs with a built-in display that’s even smart enough to count strictly YOUR smoking, as opposed to factoring in how many times you’ve re-lit a cigarette or loaned your Quitbit to a pal. It’s all powered by a rechargeable battery that’s good to go for a full week on a single charge.

Numbers won’t lie. As Quitbit’s constantly updated spider graph will chart, this smart lighter can pay for itself within a year if it successfully helps you cut back by even one less cigarette per day. Just as importantly, the app will al so remind a smoker at any given time just how the habit is likely impacting weight, overall activity, and other measures of smoking’s toll on a body. Meanwhile, the data will show you when you smoke most and factor into adding manageable targets and goals for cutting back.

Just can’t give up cigarettes on your own steam? No problem. Quitbit offers you a chance to limit the how often and when your lighter works. You can then keep friends, family and a community of Quitbit quitters abreast of your progress with every milestone you eclipse on the road to going smoke-free.Quitbit-smart-lighter (5)Quitbit-smart-lighter (3)Quitbit-smart-lighter (2)Quitbit-smart-lighter (7)Quitbit-smart-lighter (4)Quitbit-smart-lighter (6)


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