Quirkology Offers 10 New Amazing Bets You Will Always Win

If a given event has more than one possible outcome, you will find somebody, somewhere, who will place a bet on it.

Don’t believe us? There are Las Vegas sports books that regularly offer odds on WWE match results. Yes, even decades after no less than the federal government forced the professional wrestling business to pull back its curtain and admit to being predetermined, you will find people willing to gamble on staged fights that can be predicted reasonably by almost anyone with a basic understanding of how and why promoters decide who should win.

That’s why we love Quirkology’s “10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win”: these, simple fun wagers will always intrigue somebody to the point of actually taking the action. Even the folks who inevitably land on the defeated end can’t help but laugh at themselves and share the amusement while buying the next round of drinks, forking over a dollar, or challenging the victor to a double-or-nothing race around the world.

Just as importantly, if your mark does fly into a violent rage because you proved that you can indeed make a coin on your wrist flip over and land cleanly without touching it, that’s someone with no place anywhere near civilization anyway.

For more amazing monkeyshines, visit Quirkology.com to pick up the companion book “101 Bets You Will Always Win” and the Quirkology Mind Games boxed set of optical illusions.

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