Quiet Punch Turns Any Doorway Into An Improvised Boxing Club

The Quiet Punch might as well be the versatile home-gym apparatus deliberately designed to appeal to every jet-setting unassuming professional who has ever moonlighted as a pugilistic vigilante, from Bruce Wayne to Danny Rand. Sometimes, no matter how desperately a billionaire playboy may need to stay in fighting trim between board meetings, there just aren’t enough hours in the day between a mild-mannered civilian grind and busting up bank heists to duck into a gym.

If you’ve ever used a portable pull-up bar or suspension trainer, The Quiet Punch will feel instantly familiar. This contraption temporarily suspends a square punching bag the size of a throw pillow in any doorway between 28 and 36 inches wide using a durable assembly of four pliable-yet-tense resistance bands and two telescoping bars to let you fine-tune your jab-cross combination without an unwieldy tall, cylindrical heavy bag. There are no holes to drill and nothing to permanently install, and when your punch lands, the bag snaps back and immediately resumes its starting position to absorb your next blow.

Unlike a traditional heavy bag, The Quiet Punch is also designed with bare knuckles at heart. If you fire off a hook at its filling of mixed open-cell plastic and closed-cell foam layers without at least taping your fist, this pliant sparring partner likely* won’t send you crying to the emergency room with a shattered hand. As its name implies, the bag also elicits barely a sound with every haymaker it registers. Generously thick proportions provide an ample enough punching surface for you to veer off from jabs, straights and crosses to knock The Quiet Punch around with uppercuts and hooks on the bottom and sides without a problem. However, the entire set should fit easily inside most luggage with room to spare for other essentials.

This is one pretty damn modern training too, as well. The Quiet Punch’s iOs and Android apps offer a nice selection of ready-made workout routines for more structured workouts. Accordingly, the set comes with a handy clip that hangs your phone safely out of the way from the bottom bar while still offering a convenient glance at the instructions as you punch your way to looking like you could take down Piston Honda or Bald Bull in under three rounds.

Now available for pre-order, The Quiet Punch is set to ship during the second week of December – just in time for last-minute holiday shopping.

(* – Be safe, not stupid. Even if you prefer not to wear gloves, at least learn to properly wrap your hands, Champ.)

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