Quick Bit Changing Screwdriver Ensures You’re The Fastest Handyman In The West

The Quick Bit-Changing Screwdriver from Hammacher Schlemmer makes one of the most fleeting interruptions to any DIY project somehow even less consequential. Far be it for us to complain, though. Think about it: have you even once sighed with disappointment on your breath and lamented that you couldn’t have drawn out building your brand-new deck a few seconds longer?

Joking aside, the Quick Bit-Changing Screwdriver is an objectively powerful, dependable drill capable of rotating each selected bit either backward or forward at up to 180 RPM. The immensely comfortable handle’s steel grip fits any hand like a natural extension and its trigger lets the speed flow as smoothly as freshly poured cream. A manual revolving cartridge swaps 24 bits in and out of use in the blink of an eye, including six Phillips, two cross, six torx, six slot, two square and two hex bits. Give the Quick Bit-Changing Screwdriver five hours to charge via the included AC adapter, and you have enough juice for a steady hour of operation.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Quick Bit-Changing Screwdriver could only impress us more if it woke up early to surprise us with coffee and freshly baked donuts. Fortunately, we will gladly “settle” for its prowess at tightening and loosening screws extremely quickly and easily.


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