Question Block Light Doesn’t Shower Us With Coins, But Lights Up Our Warped Zones

The satisfying classic “ping” that rewards us when we illuminate this Question Block Light might be the only thing that saves us from the trust issues our time with “Super Mario Maker” has instilled by now.

It’s a cruel trick you play on our instincts, Mario Makers. Sure, you know we’re all conditioned expect those tantalizing blocks to almost always belch forth coins, power-ups, and the odd vine to climb upward. That’s exactly why so many of you sprout little Ninten-troll boners every time you sense that, somewhere, someone is wondering why one of your question blocks after another is coughing up goombas and koopa troopas instead of fire flowers and shiny, pretty coins.

Thanks, guys. You’re the gaming equivalent to people who pack razors into caramel apples on Halloween. Dicks. All of you.

Thankfully, we don’t even have to punch the crap out of this block. One little tap, and we’re rewarded with sofly pleasant light and the delightful comfort of that classic 8-bit tone.

Question Block Light Super Mario Bros 3Question Block Light Super Mario Bros 1

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