Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit Securely Keeps Smartphones In Place While You Ride

The iPhone 6 is an amazing device that has near limitless uses because of all the apps available for it. These are ideal when traveling in motorized vehicles because of GPS and navigational apps, which is why the Quad Lock was created for cyclists. Cyclists can now benefit from GPS and navigation apps made for iPhones while riding, thanks to this convenient Phone bike mount.

If you are an adventurous cyclist and enjoy going to new places, your Phone will get you there safely. The new iPhone bike mount has a duel lock system that is strong enough to lift over 150 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about losing your phone while riding.

The special heavy-duty casing is impact resistant with a mount recess on the back that can also be used with other Quad Lock products, such as the adhesive window mount, car mount, belt clip, or sports arm band.

The bike mount kit comes complete with a quad lock case, a weather resistant cover, and mounting hardware that can easily secure your Phone to all types of bikes and motorcycles. Basically, it is the most secure bike mount for smartphones on the market.

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