QB54 Football Game Folding Chairs Turns Anywhere Into A Comfy Football Field

What do football fans like to do when there are no footballs games to watch at home? Sit around and talk about football, of course. Well, while sitting around talking about football, some innovative fans came up with a way to ‘pass’ their time by creating a complete football game out of their folding chairs. Incredible, but true!

Introducing the QB54 – the latest in lawn chair football technology that will pass the time until the next ‘big’ game. Everything is included to play, 1 inflatable football, 2 carrying cases, 2 specialized folding chairs, and 2 sets of PVC field goal posts.

The game involves making touchdowns, kicking extra points, pass completions, and even interceptions are possible. If you love football as much as the creators of this football folding chair game, then you need to form a huddle with your buddies and turn your backyard into a football field.

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