Q-Bong Pressurized Beer Bong Pushes Puke Fuel Down Faster Than Humanly Thought Possible

If you and your friends are looking for the ultimate party fun then there are some adult drinking games that will get your party started right, and then keep the good times flowing all night long. Beer bongs are notorious additions to any ‘real’ party, and are great for special occasions, that’s why this new lightweight pressurized beer bong is such a big hit for adult party fun.

The O-Bong Beer Bong, it’s the new and highly improved version of the classic beer bong, and it is an absolute necessity for raging party fun. It’s easy to use because it has a simple trigger valve that you don’t have to hold with two, in fact, it’s pressurized so don’t even have to raise it high above your head, and, you really only need one hand to use it, how cool is that?

Now, you and you friends can slam/chug beer or any beverage in seconds, the more pressure you put in it, the faster the beer or beverage will come out. It’s that easy to have adult fun.

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High powered party pump

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