Puttskee Shakes Up Golf With A Touch Of Skeeball

Thanks to the Puttskee, we will never again allow the decision paralysis of choosing between a day on the links and an afternoon of skeeball to condemn us to drinking three cases of Keystone Light every Sunday while launching baseballs up a ramp with croquet mallets. Perhaps that pitch to the IOC about bringing mallet-golf to a prestigious global stage was just a pipedream. You were right, Dad. Again.

Fortunately, the Puttskee folds up and easily travels anywhere good times need to be had, from the fairway to the carnival midway and everywhere in between. Made of 12mm nine-ply Baltic birch wood covered with UV-resistant nylon “turf,” the appeal of this hybrid ball-in-the-hole game is exactly what you would expect from its name: putt the ball off the incline and arc it into one of the target holes for as many points as possible. Not unlike classic cornhole or most Nintendo Wii games, this is a pastime simple enough for absolutely anybody to pick up and master within minutes.

Oh, by the way: from sourcing and cutting the wood to assembly, staining and packing, every Puttskee is handmade from start to finish in Springdale, AR. ‘Murica.

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Turns golf around on its head!

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