Putting Arcade Game Combines Skee Ball & Miniature Golf To Challenge Your Buddies

Everyone loves playing miniature golf, it’s the challenge of trying to putt your way through a fun obstacle course, to sink a golf ball in the hole, that makes it addicting. Well, just imagine mixing miniature golf fun with the excitement of arcade action, similar to the arcade bowling game, then you can understand how much fun The Putting Arcade game is.

It’s simple to set up because the miniature ‘green’ consists of three hinged 1/2” plywood panels that folds and unfolds into a firm putting surface that leads to a scoring area. Now, there is no need to venture away from home to scratch that putting itch, not when you have your own in-house Putting Arcade game.

Although the putting game is large when fully set-up, once folded, it weighs less than fifty pounds and has a large sturdy handle and two wheels for easy transport. The game comes with a 35” putter and 12 golf balls to score with.


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