Puppies & Kittens Doing Yoga Are The Cutest Thing Ever

If you’ve ever spent a good few hours or so with a dog or cat, you’ve beheld at least a handful of great moments in “Aw, he thinks he’s people!” If you’ve ever owned either, you’re as convinced your fur baby is indeed startlingly human as your four-legged companion is that you’re a giant, curiously hairless dog or cat that somehow knows how to make food appear at will.

If you’re a pet-owning yogi, you’re still mystified at how dogs and cats interpret certain poses as announcing, “Play Time!” That fascination probably blossoms exponentially every time you’ve ever seen a cat or dog contort itself into some insane positions even you have to envy.

Photographer Dan Borris decided to take his amusement stemming from playful and curious cats and dogs, add a hearty dose of lighthearted yoga culture, and his Yoga Pets series was born. With a little adept Photoshopping and splashes of color in the background, his portraits of cats and dogs bend sometimes-impossible poses with utterly priceless expressions of wonder on his subjects’ faces. From serenity to surprise, if you dig the photo set, you would likely also enjoy his complete calendar assembling his favorite shots into a full year of silly serenity.




Source – SoBadSoGood via YogaDogs

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